Bible Study Tools


The ESV Bible website provides powerful and convenient access to the English Standard Version. It also provides other resources for understanding and applying God's Word, including a variety of daily reading plans and devotional calendars.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible's mission is to facilitate an in-depth study of God's Word through an online interactive reference library that is continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith. One of BLB's key offerings is the Hebrew-Greek Lexicon, which gives users immediate access to the original Hebrew and Greek words of each passage as well as cross-referencing of the original language to other passages throughout the entire Old and New Testament.

Daily Devotionals

Spurgeon's Morning and Evening

For over one hundred years, Christians have gotten up and gone to bed with Charles Spurgeon's devotional Morning and Evening as a companion. With a reading to begin and end each day throughout the year, you will come to appreciate Spurgeon's emphasis on the importance of abiding in Christ and meditating on God's Word.

My Utmost for His Highest

My Utmost for His Highest is a classic of devotional literature. One of the most enduring bestsellers of our time, these devotionals have touched the lives of millions, leading them into a deeper and more passionate walk with God.



9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and with practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches.


CCEF works to restore Christ to counseling, and counseling to the church. CCEF provides counseling, educational courses, written material, and events.

Desiring God

Desiring God Ministries is the home of the teaching ministry of Pastor John Piper and aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

Grace to You

Grace to You is the home of the teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur and aims to teach biblical truth with clarity for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.

The Master's Seminary

The Master's Seminary exists to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping godly men to be pastors and/or trainers of pastors. This is to be accomplished through an educational program and an environment of spiritual fellowship and relationships which emphasize unreserved commitment to the worship of God, submission to the authority of the Scriptures, a life of personal holiness, the priority of the local church, and the mission of penetrating the world with the Truth.