Like the early church, we believe in the value of sharing our lives and faith with our Christian brothers and sisters. We welcome you to join us in building deeper, spiritually meaningful relationships through our midweek ministries.

Adult Small Groups | Various Times

Local Homes
We have a variety of small groups to help men, women, and families live godly lives through biblical truth, discipleship, and accountability. Most of these groups are reserved for Christians who have committed to attending our church regularly, but we also have groups for those who are interested in exploring Christianity.

College FEllowship | WedNEsday, 7:00PM

Room 201
During the summer, we have a fellowship group to allow college students in the area to worship the Lord, study the Word, and encourage one another.

Youth Fellowship | Friday, 7:30PM

Room 201
We offer a year-round fellowship group for middle school and high school students focusing on commitment to Jesus Christ, the church, and the transition to adulthood.