We recognize the importance of reaching students during these formative years and desire to present them mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

Youth Ministry

Here at Redeemer Bible Fellowship, our youth ministry seeks to come alongside parents with the goal of seeing middle school and high school students become passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. Our main ministry to youth is through our weekly Sunday morning worship services. However, we do also have other youth-oriented events during the week for the purpose of teaching, discipleship, serving others, and having fun. We welcome both Christians and non-Christians alike to our events as we strive to provide an engaging environment for students to become grounded in the gospel and lovers of the Lord.

Youth Fellowship | Friday, 7:30pm

Room 201

Our weekly youth fellowship meets at 7:30pm on Friday nights throughout the year (with the exception of select holidays and school breaks). A typical evening consists of games, music, a Bible study, and small groups. Small groups are a key component of our ministry as they provide opportunities for students to be discipled by older, godly believers. Occasionally, we have special event nights for the purpose of facilitating fellowship and/or evangelism.

The aim of our youth fellowship is to help our students become mature in Christ as they build healthy relationships with other Christians and become rooted in the Scriptures.

Youth Focus Group | Sunday, 8:00am

Room 203

During the school year, high school students who are professing Christians are invited to join our Focus group, which meets at 8:00am on Sunday mornings. Students are expected to attend regularly, complete homework assignments, and serve as student leaders within our youth fellowship.

The aim of Focus group is to help believing students grow deeper in their Christian faith as they learn to become gospel-centered servant leaders.

Youth Sunday School | Sunday, 11:00am

Agape Room

Youth Sunday School meets at 11:00am every Sunday morning. In this setting our students are exposed to a variety of Christian disciplines, including Old Testament and New Testament studies, theology, church history, apologetics, evangelism, missions, and a biblical perspective on social issues.

The aim of our Sunday School is to expose our students to the bigger picture of Christianity and provide them with a biblical foundation for the future.

Additional Events

In addition to our regular events, we also put on other events, such as annual graduation nights for our high school seniors, retreats, and short-term ministry trips.


College Ministry


Room 201

We have a fellowship for college students emphasizing Bible study, accountability, and outreach. Our time together consists of music, studying God's Word, meeting in small groups, and group activities afterward. This fellowship is only held in the summer.